Friday, August 17, 2012

What a busy day!

Things are really getting busy these days for the busy team of BikeSurfBerlin & Associates.
As part of our out-sourcing campaign to those experts who actually know what they are doing when it comes to T-shirt making, you see here (right) T. using an Xacto-Blade to cut out a stencil of our BSB logo. A pain-stakingly arduous job, which requires a more steady hand than I've seen on most surgeons.
4-5 hours later - night-time falling - and approx 50% of stencil made. T. and V. look relieved that the "bear on the big black bike" stencil is nearing completion.

I wanted my T-shirt today, but it will have to wait for another few sleeps. They will be available in two types : bleached logo on dark T-shirts and inked logo on lighter T-shirts. Using second hand T-shirts, as there is enough T-shirts in the world already. Form an orderly queue to get stamped with the BikeSurfBerlin seal of approval!

Meanwhile, elsewhere, preparation for the impending video shoot  (Saturday 18th August) continues: script writing, location scouting, and equipment acquisition from throughout Berlin's CouchSurfing community. And there are the more usual aspects to the project to complete: bike requests to be processed, emails to be answered,  a new bike to be collected from another CouchSurfer for use in the project. Go BSB team!

Hoping that tomorrow brings T-shirts, more out-sourced expert help, coffee and karma (in that order).

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