Tuesday, August 21, 2012

And then there were 13

Magrela - Brazilian meets German engineering
Another two bikes donated in the past few days by some wonderfully generous CouchSurfers. This is 13 bikes that are on the project.

Firstly, after having a great ride home from Spandau last night, we have Magrela. According to its former guardian F. it is Portuguese for bicycle. Looking online, I found it means also "thin, skinny". Both names are appropriate. An appropriate German name for this bike would be "wunderbar", beacuse it is really in top condition and rides like the wind.

CharlotteAuxFraises - why are you named so?

Second on our list is the equally bemusingly named "CharlotteAuxFraises", shortened to CAF when necessary. Its the first of our bikes suitable for the longer legged person - approximately 170cm plus. C. donated this bike to the project after spending some time with some of our other bikes last month. He will soon be donating his time to the project too. Welcome aboard.


  1. Actually Magrela doesn't mean Bike in portuguese.. It's a slang term that refers to the bike like a thin person. But I like also "wunderbar" =) It's really a great bike, except for the gears that are not working properly. I hope that many people can enjoy Berlin riding this bike! All the best!

  2. Thanks for the correction.

    30 seconds and no tools and the gears work perfect. Just needed to adjust the tension of the gear cable by means of the thumb-nut.

    Now all 3 gears are smooth as silk.


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