Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Another day in the life....

This project has crazy, fanatical bike-lovers at the helm. All aboard for a quick run through synopsis of yesterday. Early start: off to Polizei auktion in Berlin - Werdauer weg 23, 10829 - with my shopping list of bikes to buy for various friends.
Unfortunately, the only purchase if the day is the MacKenzie shown (project funds are very limited, at present) for my friend and tandem partner T. This is against the strong advice of my friend and very knowledgable P. I try to explain, that some people like shiney bikes, but he does not seem to get it. Rushing home with new bike in order to help another bikesurfer in desperate need of a bike - she explains that has been here one month without a bike and is in desperate need of a "bike hit". Off she rolls with our latest acquisition: Taipaei101, kindly donated by E. Towards the evening, meet up with another CSer S. to discuss plans to cycle to Copenhagen in the next week. S. has travelled by bike for 2 years!!! about Europe and is instantly my hero :-) Looking forward to more biking tales being told on the trip north next week. Have no fear, the rest of the posse will stay behind to continue the project, in my absence.

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