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These are the faces behind BikeSurfBerlin:

Station masters:

Olga - "White Russian"
Organisational expert and correspondence wizz. Don't worry, we usually don't let her get her hands dirty fixing BSB bikes.

Graham - The "Iron man from Ireland"
 Founder and Director of BikeSurfBerlin.
Community activist and acro-yoga high-flyer.
Station master

 Station master

"Sunshine" Flora
Yes she always has the sun shining from within.

Rachel - "Body & Soul"
Bike request logistics- her holistic approach to life keeps
 the BSB crew and bikes on an even keel.





Smiling Line 
Just why does she smile so much?



Igor "the chef"
Adds the Mediterranean flavour

Support Team:

BSB film director and official photographer

Fabian "Give me an exit!"
Fabian aka Neo is a dab hand at tinkering
with bikes, but specialises in developing
the website
Raelina - "Creative wizard"
Website design, graphics, ideas mastermind and understated too.

Andrew "Ghostride the bike" -
Administrates and organizes the
request system to make sure the bike
 providers know who they're dealing with,
and when they need a bike!

We have moved to a new website

Hold onto your hats, folks, its time we got our own brand new website. Please update your bookmarks or how you link with us to: