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Critical Mass Bike Ride

Please join the attendance list on CS below:

There will be plenty of food, if everyone brings some along to share!!!

Okay Folks, this is the first Critical Mass brought to you by the guys and gals from BikeSurfBerlin. Open to all cyclists (or maybe even pedestrians could get a lift from a passing bike) of all abilities, the idea is to cruise about the streets and show that the weather is not able to dampen our cycling resolve. There will be ample time to quatsch and chat en route and make new bike-buddies. Just a thought, but it would be super-fantastisch if people were able to bring some snackable food along (vegetarian/vegan option would be great), so we could have a picnic somewhere along the way. And remember, sharing is caring. After the ride, we hang out with some Sternies (whoever they are) at the Tempest Anarchist Library. The secondary objective is to show our continued respect and…

Repairs and new branch of BSB?

This post may or may not become interesting, I have yet to decide. In the meantime, I will take my time talking a bit about the amount of time that the project takes in terms of repairing bikes and administration.
Firstly, there is and always will be some repairs, adjustments and niggling noises that need to be solved on some of our bikes. Due to the lack of time, space, spare parts and tools, it has proven a difficult task to ensure that the bikes are always kept in road-worthy condition. Fear not though, we are more than capable and willing to dedicate our time to the project. Today, for example, I was donated four tubes. However, all needed puncture repair. Not a mammoth task, but requiring some time.
Secondly, the administration side of things can be a little less greasy, but require even more time. Processing requests alone can sometimes feel like solving some chaos theory puzzle, with all the butterflies flapping their wings in random directions ie confusing, at the best of ti…

We need your support!

Dear friends,

We need your virtual support this time. As you can imagine, BikeSurfBerlin has a Facebook page and also a Twitter account. So, if you are using this social networks, you should like and follow us!

Why? Just because we want to be famous and meet more people and make all of them happy with our bikes! Is it a good answer?

Thank you!!

PS: The post was a bit empty so here you have a very cool video:

New bikes!

We have some new bikes! Say hi to TheSea and Pinkie!