Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A whole new world....

Logo design, soundtrack, video storyboarding... these concepts have suddenly come into my world, as I prepare to shoot some video for this blog.
Have announced a competition for the BikeSurfBerlin logo about a week ago and hoping that I get some entrants, so that I get to choose a design. Nothing too complicated, minimal is best actually, so that black and white/grey scale printing doesn't look shabby. Still time to enter this competition; closing date 16th August - details on how to do so, in post below.
Also so the search for Berlin bands, composers, etc who wish to add a short soundtrack to this promotional video. The video will be approximately 2 minutes long and I am looking for something typifying Berlin style. Again, I welcome any thoughts and suggestions on this one.
Thankfully, have B. on board the project for the storyboarding, video directing, etc - came up with some ideas with her yesterday and have set a shoot day for 18th and 19th August. Equipment (HD or DSLR camera) may be lacking (please help!), but enthusiasm most definitely is not!
Quiet on set :-)

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