Thursday, August 23, 2012

The "Homeless Veggie Dinner"

We want to share a very cool project organised by some friends. You can watch the video and read their own description of the project:

What we do, one Saturday a month, is cook for people. Our small team, joined by an extremely enthusiastic crowd of volunteers, prepares, cooks and serves meals to all the hungry mouths that come to enjoy the dinner.

We try to reach as many homeless and poor people as possible and it's great to see that every time we have more and more new guests coming from the underprivileged community of Berlin.

However, the dinner is open to everyone and this is what makes it so special. It gives the possibility to the average Joe to sit next to a homeless person and enjoy a meal together. It also works the other way around, where a homeless person can get in touch with someone they otherwise wouldn't have a chance to meet.

The poor/homeless community is a very segregated community and their daily interactions revolve around their fellow peers and social workers. They very seldom have the chance to venture outside these circles, so having a venue where they can meet people of other social circuits and talk to them and tell them about their lives and interests and passions is of great value to them. Coming to this dinner you give them the possibility to shine, even if only for one evening a month.

How does it all work:

Each time we serve a 3 course meal (first dish, second dish and a dessert) with a free drink to everybody.
People who can afford the food may leave a donation. You can give whatever you feel your dinner is worth and you are willing to give. There's no minimum donation. This donation pays for your food and funds a meal of the homeless person. In other words, with your money you're feeding homeless (and yourself).

To see what this all looks like, check this video here:

We would like to thank Cafe Hilde here in Berlin ( ) that has been supporting us since practically day one, providing drinks for our guests. We'd also like to thank Andrew Preble who gave us a lot, more than he could have probably afforded, in order to support this project. And finally, we'd like to thank all the people that continuously or sporadically come to help out with the project, giving away their free time in order to feed people. You all are a true inspiration.

the crew

You can find the Facebook group here:

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