Saturday, August 18, 2012

The new, the old and the repaired

Maxi's best side
Maxi has joined the fleet courtesy of our newest team-member, known only as John Violet. Not only did Mr.Violet donate a wonderful bike to the project, but he agreed to join the BikeSurfBerlin elite squad! His skills with a bottom bracket remover will come in handy. 

DDRstyle got new pedals, so she is free to run the Berlin streets once again.
We spent the sunny afternoon with our hands covered in oil in KOPI 137, socialising and repairing many bikes. Food, music and mutated bikes - it is all here on Friday afternoons, where the bike repair nieve rub shoulders with the bike freaks. Here we see Mr. Pink at KOPI, under the strict guidance of Mr. Violet coming to terms with the aforementioned bottom bracket - the bane of bike mechanics worldwide.

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  1. Yo it was fun! Hope to be there again next friday except a little earlier this time so i can also chillax. :) -Violet


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