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BSB Logo, snow, BSB bags and Polizei bike auction

Several random photos from various segments of life in BikeSurfBerlin.

Inspirational illustration celebrating the project, courtesy of Judith Carnaby. Why, thank you, for that!

BSB cotton bag production (see example with Joachim) will start in earnest in the coming weeks and will be part of our reward system for those donating to help the project expand and develop.If you wish to get your own bag today, please contact us for details on our reward scheme.

Despite the snow not going away, the number of BikeSurf requests is growing. Love to see the resilient spirit.of our BikeSurfers.

Police auction on 26/03 was another exciting affair with more than 300 bikes. Come join us in the next one - see "Things to do" calendar above to keep up to date with featured biking events in Berlin.

Bicycle auctions in Berlin March/April 2013

It's time again, to brave the still wintery conditions and grab yourself a bargain bike for the incoming Springtime. Some of you may not have been in Berlin long enough to hear about the bicycle auctions that happen on behalf of BVG and Polizei every two months. Those bikes that are not claimed by their owners after an allotted time are sold off to the highest bidder at these auctions.
The benefits of buying a bike in this manner are:
cheap bikes - cheaper than flohmarktsproof of receipt - means you can sell off bike later more easilynot supporting bicycle theftit's an exciting atmosphere and gives you a buzz when you're the highest bidder  It is best if you go there with someone who knows what to look out for in buying a second hand bike, as they are varying quality and a little bit about how numbers sound in German is a plus.

If you contact us at BSB, we may be attending and be able to help you out.

The next Polizei auction --> 26/03/13

~ 200 bikes on offer usua…

Another Successful BSB Meeting!

We are very excited to welcome not only two new bikes this month, but also a few new members!  We would like to welcome Daniel, Lucas, Federica, and honourary members Sara & Dieter to our team.

We had a very successful meeting with awesome highlights like the newest information on the development of, how we can service the many requests we receive daily from non-CS or BW users, plans for spring events, bike trips, and so much more!

Not to mention we had the honour of gathering in an awesome new location including a meditation room and the home of some of our bikes! The Hof at 121 will be the gathering spot for many events to come.  Thanks to everyone who participated and to Graham for the delicious crepes!  Hopefully by our next meeting, the sun will show up too!  See you on the streets.

One Bike, Two Bike, Free Bike, More!

We would like to introduce to our community, our two newest bike members Felix and Mukuku!  A special thanks to Siobhan Williams and Éva Tankófor their contributions to our project.  The surfers of this upcoming spring and summer will be very grateful.

You can find both of these bikes on our calendars to book them today.  If you have any bikes collecting dust in the corner, please notify us at and we would be happy to collect them.  We expect even more surfers this summer, and would love to accomodate anyone who needs a bike.  Thanks again to our donators!  We couldn't do it without you.