Thursday, July 19, 2012

Weekend trip to Usedom. Day 3. Military Restricted Area - Anklam

Third and last day of the trip. Some hangovered faces show up in the morning. Everybody knows what cheap whisky means. We reflect on that. We try to find an answer.

Life is beautiful, the sun is almost shining. Our bikes are too dirty. We will reach Usedom soon, unless we start having punctures and breaking our bikes' chains.

Well, we finally manage to cycle more than 10 km. without incedentes, until we find The Beach.

At some point, mostly when it started raining we leave the beach and keep going North. Just heading to the storm I would say.

At some point we realize that we are tired and hungry, we also find a train station and a train is going back home in 15 minutes! Oh! we didn't reach Usedom, but the weekend was pleasant enough and as someone said "The journey is the destination". So we try to find something to eat in town on a sunday afternoon. Seems kinda impossible in Anklam. Let's go back to Berlin! Where you can buy Döner in every corner and the sun is always shining! </irony>

1 comment:

  1. Awesome trip! I miss biking on 'real' bikes, but Annie will have to do for now :P Thanks again for the lend!


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