Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Weekend trip to Usedom. Day 1. Berlin - Somewhere

Beginning of the day. Weather is shitty, but the A team members are reliable and we are on time. We can finish the last details and check our equipment. The bikes could be in better conditions, but being their first trip, I'm sure it could be worst. Scheduled departure time 15:30. Real departure 15:22. Fucking impressive: we are more germans than the germans.

We have a small incident crossing a wet wooden bridge, luckily nothing serious. And we take the chance to leave a message for Team B.

We also get lost a couple times, even when we have a map, a compass and at least one smartphone. Signs could be better someone says.

It's much worse in our countries the other replies. Both are too right to discuss and we keep cycling. Mudguards prove to be a nice extra in any bike, we agree on that.

We are already late in our schedule, but the essential delay happens when we end up in a medieval wedding next to Marianenwelde testing our aim with bow and arrows and talking to the groom's daughter.

It's a pity she doesn't want to camp with us. There is also a gentleman that serves us honeywine in really big glasses, medieval weddings are awesome.

Before we are to drunk to shoot or drive, half of the B team arrives and updates us about his journey. The rest of the team will arrive earlier than expected. They are the pros.
At some point our glasses are empty and there is no daylight anymore. Seems like a good time for finding a spot to camp, the second attempt is good and after setting our tents up, we start snoring. Hopefully, with a smart tent distribution and supported by earplugs, everybody slept well.

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  1. I did hurry up, and eventually we fused Team A with Team B to form the most excellent Team 1.


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