Sunday, July 8, 2012

My list of demands ;-)

OK here's the latest on what you guys can do for me to help my project succeed and grow:

1) Introduced the combination lock system --> this means I am looking for some hof or backyard that is accessible to public 24 hours a day, in Kreuzberg/ Kreuzkolln area, and ideally offers some shelter from the rain... why? I don't want to the leave my bikes on the street overnight... any suggestions for such a location? Note that there would only be 1-2 bikes there at any one time (ie it does not have to be a huge space) as the turnover of bikes is so fast these days.

2) I need some team-mates to help me co-ordinate the project, as it is getting a bit complicated for me to  handle alone - any takers?

3) Also, to reduce the complexity of the system, I need people who have bikes that can join my "fleet" of bikes, but who are responsible for housing the bikes between pickups and meet the CSer when they are dropping back the bike.

Here's wishing upon a star :-)

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