Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Karma Rules!

Do you know what Karma is? For different perspectives you can check the Wikipedia definition, watch My name is Earl, or read this post.

For me, Karma means that when you do good things, these things come back to you. And the same when you are an idiot. I don't see it from a super phylosophical point of view, for me is probably simpler. It's just that when you are nice, people tend to be nice with you. And this is what happened yesterday.

I went to Friedrichshain to collect an old bike from a Couch Surfer. The frame is broken, but most of the other parts are in very good condition, so I will find the way to use them. I was talking with Sam (the CSer) and he told me we are going in a bike trip together this weekend. Wow, I didn't know it was you, blablabla.. :) At the end Sam gave me his old panniers (I had to buy ones for this weekend) and I came back home happily with the old bike and my new-old panniers.

When I was back home, Sqgl (another CSer) came. He had to give me a bike back, and he wanted to have a talk and a drink. So we went to a bar next to my place, had two beers and a cool chat. We meet another CSer that just brought another bike back and a Sqgl's friend. At the end, a very nice almost spontaneous meeting.

When I came back home, I got a message and I was invited for dinner!! Daya (my new indian friend) wanted to cook for me and some friends, because he wants to borrow a bike in the future: Excellent food, nice talks, some beers more and then back home.

At the end of the day, John Black got new-old panniers, some beers and excellent Indian food. And even mor important, a nice day surrounded by nice people. Maybe this is Karma.

And it is not that I lend my bikes to the world for having something in exchange, but in days like yesterday, it just feels really cool to give and to receive.

JB loves you, you love JB ;)

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