Friday, December 29, 2017

Donations required

We have been running the project for nearly two years and not yet received as enough cash donations to cover our running costs. We estimate that only 20% of our users donate any amount.
While it is true that we promote ourselves as a "free" alternative, we also need cash donations to cover the minimal bike costs ie 0.50€/bike/day. As a result of this, we cannot maintain all the bikes in a road-worthy condition.
We have decided to significantly reduce the number of bikes we have in the fleet, so that the standard of our bikes does not decrease. It is not a decision we have lightly taken and hope that our users/ supporters understand our difficult situation.
With fewer bikes will mean that the availability of bikes for our users will be reduced.
We will revisit this decision when this financial situation is reversed and we have enough funds to invest in bike parts.

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