Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thoughts on the year gone by....

Graphs showing the progress of BikeSurfBerlin during year one.

It's been an eventful and prosperous year for BikeSurfBerlin, so please allow us to reminisce on the year gone by, by means of some graphs, facts and figures.

We have had 331 BikeSurfers use our bikes since June 2012 and saved them approximately 18,000€ for the year, based on a conservative 7€/day/bike.

We have grown the fleet to 22 bikes and the BSB team has allowed us to expand the services we offer to include bike repair lessons, weekend bike rides outside Berlin limits and city bike tours.

This would not have been possible without the support, dedication and enthusiasm of new members to the BSB team. A special thanks to our BikeSurfers.and those inspired enough to donate their bikes, parts and money to the cause, without which, this project would not have been sustainable.

We have also achieved mainstream media attention, including notable international and local publications such as The New York Times, The Irish Times and ExBerliner magazine - see "PRESS" button above for a full listing of the media attention we have received to date.

Here is hoping that 2013/4 will prove as successful and the BikeSurf network will spread to other cities worldwide.

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