Wednesday, March 27, 2013

BSB Logo, snow, BSB bags and Polizei bike auction

Joachim Halupczok posing with BSB bag
Several random photos from various segments of life in BikeSurfBerlin.

Inspirational illustration celebrating the project, courtesy of Judith Carnaby. Why, thank you, for that!

BSB cotton bag production (see example with Joachim) will start in earnest in the coming weeks and will be part of our reward system for those donating to help the project expand and develop.If you wish to get your own bag today, please contact us for details on our reward scheme.
Agnes braves the lingering wintertime

Police auction 26/03 reaps rewards
Despite the snow not going away, the number of BikeSurf requests is growing. Love to see the resilient spirit.of our BikeSurfers.

Police auction on 26/03 was another exciting affair with more than 300 bikes. Come join us in the next one - see "Things to do" calendar above to keep up to date with featured biking events in Berlin.

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