Wednesday, July 17, 2013

POWERBOTTOM has arrived

Say hello to our newest member "POWERBOTTOM"!

Anonymous donor, P. to his friends, has been most generous in donating POWERBOTTOM to the BSB fleet. Sir, we, at BSB, salute you. We choose not to ask, why he christened this bike so.

This means that there are now 23 bikes in the service, mobilising travellers and residents through the sun-drenched streets of Berlin.

Hope that the success of BikeSurf in Berlin will spread to other cities in the coming months. If you have an interest in starting your own independent BikeSurf branch in Berlin or further afield, get in contact.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

BikeSurfBerlin Bicycle Repair/ Maintenance Workshop # 2 ---> ie BSBBRMW # 2

Vince serenades his captive audience at "Punctures 101"

Back by popular demand, we have deemed sunny Sunday 7th July at 13:00 to be the date for the next BikeSurfBerlin Bicycle Repair/ Maintenance workshop.

This time, it will be held outdoors (23C this Sunday... yay!): Volkspark Friedrichshain, right by the Bouldering Climbing rocks, next to volleyball court.

Bring beers, bike, friends, bike tools, spare parts - it will be quite a relaxed social affair, and no previous bike repairing skills are necessary.

Our resident BSB bike mechanic (Vincent) will be your guide through such wonderful repairs/maintenance/topics as truing your wheels, patching inner tubes, adjusting brakes and gears and cables, oiling and greasing, removing and repairing a chain, replacing pedals and cranks, best Berlin places to buy new parts and used bikes, what tools to get, whatever else!

Donations would be rad! These will be used to help fund the cash strapped BSB project.  If you have something that needs replacing (tires/tubes, inner & outer cables, chains, brake blocks etc) it would be very good idea to buy it beforehand. Cheapest parts shop by far:

After workshop options: Vince's WG in Friedrichshain or a local VoKu for something nutritious to eat.

See you in the Park! :)
Vincent  & Graham.   --> if ay questions

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