Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Auction action

Just one row of the bikes on offer
It happens once every two months and, if you are a fan of bikes, it is absolute must see - the Polizei auction in Berlin.

After a winter break, there were even more bikes on offer this time - nearly 300 in total.

Met Mylene, Andrew and Patrick there and there was an excited buzz among us. Always curious and on the look out for a cheap bike that can enter service with BikeSurfBerlin, I am practically a veteran of these auctions at this point.

The clientele mostly consists of the hearty bike traders in winter, as opposed to the inquisitive hipster population that frequents such events in summer.

Ihr habt gewonnen!
After a perusal of the available bikes from 8:00 to 10:00, the bidding starts, thankfully indoors. We are all here with different missions: Mylene, a kickass trekking bike that will be reliant enough to complete 2000km without flinching, eagle eyes Patrick ever eager to snap up a bargain with resale value and me with my more meagre BikeSurfBerlin budget of 10€ maximum per bike.

Snagged this puppy for a song.
And we're off! Over a nice picnic, we bid on our lots, with the hope of snagging our bargains. Patrick finds his diamond in the rough, in the form of a Rocky Mountain, that looks due for its 20th birthday any day now, for 25€. Mylene has here eyes on a  modern trekking bike, Steppenwolf, which she valiantly wins for 270€. And the very last lot of the morning, a trekking/ city bike, goes to yours truly for 70€ - a tad outside the BSB budget, but bought it for someone else.

The tiger versus the Steppenwolf.

The bidding for the available bikes lasts until midday and in the end, as they say, "everyone's a winner!"

The next auction is in approximately 2 months - see the calendar in "Things to do" for exact details of future events.

Definitely, the best way to buy a bike in Berlin; cheap, fun and the bikes are not stolen.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

BikeSurfBerlin - "Two legs good, Free wheels better!"

Our first official BikeSurfBerlin video - we have entered this into the veloberlin film festival, so will be looking for your votes from 18th February. Spread the BSB message by linking this video!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bicycle auctions in Berlin

Some of you may not have been in Berlin long enough to hear about the bicycle auctions that happen on behalf of BVG and Polizei every two months. Those bikes that are not claimed after an allotted time are sold off to the highest bidder at these auctions.

The benefits of buying a bike in this manner are:
  1. cheap bikes - cheaper than flohmarkts
  2. proof of receipt - means you can sell off bike later more easily
  3. not supporting bicycle theft
  4. it's an exciting atmosphere and gives you a buzz when you're the highest bidder 
It is best if you go there with someone who knows what to look out for in buying a second hand bike, as they are varying quality and a little bit about how numbers sound in German is a plus.

If you contact us at BSB, we may be attending and be able to help you out.

The next BVG auction
  • ~ 40 bikes on offer usually (also other items, sporting equipment, cameras, laptops, phones, etc.)
  • requires you to pay a deposit of 5€  for the bidding slip in order to place a bid (bring your Anmeldung or other proof of your address, passport)
  • a bit chaotic/ unorganised at times
  • pay with EC card or cash only (no credit cards)
  • will be taking place on 24th January from 8am (viewing of bikes) and then auction starts at 10am.
Saalburgstr 3/3a, 12099
 BVG auction 24/01/13 website - click here

The next Polizei auction
  • ~ 200 bikes on offer usually (also other items, sporting equipment, cameras, laptops, phones, etc.)
  • no bidding slip required - bid using your upraised hand, pay for each item immediately after you have won it
  • well organised
  • cash only - no cards
  • will be taking place on 29th January from 8am (viewing of bikes) and then auction starts at 10am at a different location.
GoIndustry Deutschland GmbH, Zweigstelle Berlin
 Werdauer Weg 23 (Nähe S-Bahnhof Schöneberg)
10829 Berlin
 Polizei auction 29/01/13 website - click here

The details of all future BVG and Polizei auctions will be on the calendar in "Things to do" at the top of this page.

Happy bidding!

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